Monday, September 23, 2013

How to customize GNOME 3 like GNOME 2 in Fedora

Fedora is now with latest GNOME 3. Launchers were not available in the top panel. Default GNOME 3 doesn't have option to add launchers in top panel. It eats your time to search your favorite app from dashboard. It will be convenient if the launchers were available in top panel. We don't get launchers naively in GNOME shell. I found that we can add launcher using a third party app. This app is compatible with Fedora 16/17/18/19. The app that is used to add launchers in panel is "Frippery".

 Download link of Frippery for Fedora -

Download RPM file depending on your version. Install it as usual by double clicking on the downloaded RPM file.

Frippery for Fedora: Frippery app is designed to customize the GNOME 3 shell to GNOME 2 (older version). Using this app you can customize all the panels like what you did in GNOME. This app supports features like favorites in panel, move the clock, applications menu in panel, static work-spaces, shut down menu and bottom panel.

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