Thursday, October 31, 2013

Five alternative to Firefox web browsers for Fedora

Browsers for Fedora - Firefox is the default browser for Fedora GNOME environment. Firefox browser disappoints in some cases while browsing web page with rich contents. It is usually slow and if you feel that you need get rid of this browser and need some alternates you can refer this article and download the browser you like.

This browser is released officially by GNOME. The user interface is very simple and  easy to use. This browser was released decades before and its know for its simplicity. The  user interface is very simple like Google Chrome. This browser was available before Google Chrome launch. It has many features and  it will be a perfect alternative to Firefox and Google Chrome.

It is a special browser designed for developers. It is very-light browser and you should develop the interface. If you are fond of programming then this suites you. Luakit can be customized by configuring   rc.lua file. This browser is developed using  Lua language. If you are interested in designing your own browser then go for Luakit.

Midori is a light weight browser yet it has many features. It consistently release updates and you can enjoy the fresh version. This browser is quick and loads page faster than we expect.

It is text browser and it does not it's own interface, it launches inside the Terminal. It displays only text that are available in the webpage. You cannot  view images or ad or any java script  in this browser. It is best for reading rather than watching videos or images.

Opera is popular browser and is available for Fedora too. It is closed-source and has many wonderful feature. It has more features than a browser and should give a try to this browser. Features in this browser includes IRC client, email client, Usenet client, and web server for file sharing and media streaming.

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