Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to check system configuration in Fedora 19?

System configuration in Fedora - System configuration such as  RAM, processor, hard disk etc can be checked either through command or using graphical mode. Most of the time we need to check system configuration when we are about to install any new software or application. Let me give you the details about checking system configuratoin in Fedora 19.

Graphical Mode:
1. Click on your Name on the right side of the top panel.
2. Then click on settings.
3. Now a new window open, in 'System' colomn you will find a gear icon named as 'Details' just single click on it. You'll find you system information as below image.

Command Mode:
Using command mode you can get almost all the details including manufacturer name of the wi-fi card, Bluetooth card etc. So if you are about to install wi-fi card or something else you need to know the manufacturer name to install the exact driver. So do check that you can use following commands.
Command: lspci 
Command: lspci -v

command: cat /proc/cpuinfo

command: cat /proc/meminfo

command: lsusb

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