Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Software to delete cookies, internet history, temporary files and cache for Fedora

Are you searching a software that do all the functions of CCleaner. CCleaner is a software for Windows operating system used to clean temporary files, junk files, cookies, history present in your computer. It is one of the way of optimizing the computer to keep it fast and smart. However Linux operating system doesn't need this software, but this kind of software will be very handy to clean browser history and all junk files. This makes your system to process smoother. It is weird to get tune up and optimization software for Linux distros. Usually there is no need for optimization and tune up for Fedora, to fasten the operating system we need to tweak some settings, usually start up apps. However, this optimization or tune up apps will free some disk space in your hard drive.Here is the software that is going to keep your system clean, BleachBit.

This software is added to Fedora repository years back. So to install, use following command.

#yum install bleachbit

If not working, just download and extract from the link below.

BleachBit Download - http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/download/linux

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