Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bluetooth not working in Fedora 19

Bluetooth issue: All of the sudden my Bluetooth stopped working in Fedora. I made it functional by installing a package. Bluetooth was working fine for few months and suddenly I am not able to use Bluetooth. So to solve the issue you no need to install drivers, instead install a third party software.

So open your terminal and switch to 'root' or 'administrator' user. To do it


After entering the above command it will ask for password. It is your 'root' or 'administrator' password. Now your next step is to install the package to make Bluetooth to work. Type the below command to install the package.

#yum install bluez-hid2hci -y

Now all you want to do is start the Bluetooth service. To start the service type following command.

#service bluetooth start

It will provide the result like below image.

Now restart your system to save all the changes.

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