Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Make Fedora faster by disabling unecessary services

You might have noticed Fedora OS delays while start up and logout. It happens because every time the OS boots up it need to start all the services that is turned on. Services means you are providing access to some hardware resource. For example Bluetooth is a service and if you enable the service you can use application to do task. Fedora OS provides many customer as well enterprise level services. If you are normal user then you can disable enterprise level services. I admit I don't know what enterprise services used for but after disabling it I saw some improvements in my laptop.

How to disable services:

You can disable services directly by writing some commands in Terminal. To make it easy you can download a app called system-config-services. To install it open Terminal and type the below command.

yum install system-conifg-serives

Installation should be done as root user. You can find this app with name Services in Activities. Below is the screenshot of my application.

Services to disable:

Following services are safe to disable.

  • auditd
  • avahi-daemon
  • haldaemon
  • lvm2-monitor
  • netfs
  • rsyslog
  • smolt
  • udev-post  

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