Saturday, June 21, 2014

Firefox already running but is not responding - Solved

Sometimes you get error message in Firefox like Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process or restart your system. Following is the screen shot of error message.


It is clearly given in the error message like you need to end the process or restart. Restarting system is hectic task which consume lot of time. To solve the error without restarting open System Monitor.

Then you will see the following window.

Search for Firefox process. Click on the process as I did in the image then click End Process which you can see at the bottom.

Cause for the problem

This problem usually occurs when you close the Firefox with many tabs. Closing multiple tabs at the same time is the reason for this issue. You can avoid this by closing tab one by one. I don't know the technically reason behind it, but it happened to me every time I close active multiple tabs. This is not a frequent issue, but occurs very rarely. When I open many apps along with Firefox the chances are more for this issue. I am facing this issue only after updating Firefox to latest version.


  1. This problem may cause because of the permission provided only to the root.
    Sometime you can open firefox as root but not as user, as the privilege has given to the root.
    To overcame it, at terminal go to /home/user/.mozilla/firefox

    Then type ll

    you can see many files and folders.

    you need to change the root permission to user permisson. by typing...

    chown -R user:user dbz9befe.default/

    the dbz9befe.default/ is for example as this is the directory which was having only the root permission, so i have changed it.

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