Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transferring files between Fedora and BlackBerry 10 device

I am using BlackBerry Z10 and its hard time to transfer files between Fedora to BlackBerry and vice versa. Today, I successfully transferred files between Fedora and BlackBerry with help of Bluetooth. I am trying hard to get USB to work, unfortunately I am not able to make it work. So for now let me show you how to transfer files using Bluetooth.

Prepare your system - Get ready with Bluetooth drivers
Previously I was using Windows Phone and I already written article about transferring files between Windows Phone and Fedora. The steps are similar to that. Here is what you have to do to transfer files between Fedora and BlackBerry without any interruption.

Install bluez-hid2hci

Switch to root user and install bluez-hid2hci by issuing following command in terminal

yum install bluez-hid2hci -y

Start Bluetooth Service

To start Bluetooth Service you need issue following command

service bluetooth start

All the steps should be done in root user. Then restart your system to apply new changes.

Add BlackBerry to your PC - connecting device
Now you need to setup BlackBerry device in PC. It is critical part you need to do without any errors. If any error shows up then start from scratch. You need to look for error in both phone and PC. Usually the error occurs when you share pass-code. Follow below steps to setup.

1. Click on Bluetooth icon and Set up a New device.
2. A window opens which look for devices with Bluetooth turned on. You will see your device gets listed in the box. If not, turn on Bluetooth in BlackBerry and make sure your Blackberry is in Discoverable mode. In your PC, press continue if you device get listed.
3. Now check your phone, you will get a pass-phrase, accept the pass-phrase. The pass-phrase is sent from your PC and you can see that the pass-phrase in your PC and phone matches. This step is to make sure that you are making connection intentionally.

Note: If you didn't get pass phrase in this step, then start from step 1. Your phone gets registered in your PC only if you pass this step.

4. Then click next util the window get closed. Now when you press Bluetooth icon you can see your device name like below image.

Transferring files and common errors
To transfer file, click on Bluetooth icon -> Phone Device name -> Connection ON. Then send click on send files to open file manager. There you can choose the file to transfer. Below is the screenshot when you transfer from PC and receive in phone.


Error 1: Transfer got interrupted
This error occurs when your phone doesn't show as connected. In your phone settings -> Bluetooth -> click on your PC name. It should show connected. Below is the image when my PC is connected to the phone.

Error 2: Unable to transfer
Make sure that you are running Bluetooth service in your PC. To run Bluetooth service you need to be in root user. Then issue following command

service bluetooth start

If again you are not able to transfer then setup device again by following above instruction.

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