Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fedora 21 bluetooth not able send/receive file

In Fedora 21, Bluetooth will not send/receive file by default. It will just act as a bluetooth speaker. To send/receive file in Fedora, you need to install Bluetooth Manager package. There are several Bluetooth manager package but I opt for Blueman.

Installing Bluetooth Manager:

To install bluetooth manager package you can run the below command as root or sudo-user.

yum install blueman

After installing this package search in apps for Bluetooth Manager. Then pair your devices. From the Bluetooth manager window you can send files.

Turn on Bluetooth service

Before using the Bluetooth manger you need to start the bluetooth service as root. If you don't start the service, the bluetooth manger may not work as you expect. To turn on the bluetooth service give below command as root.

service bluetooth restart

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