Friday, July 24, 2015

How to connect Windows Phone 8.1 to Fedora 22?

I need to connect Windows Phone 8.1 to Fedora 22 GNOME for managing files using USB cable. When I connect my phone to laptop running Fedora 22 I don't see my mobile device.

To detect your phone in GNOME Fedora 22, you need to install following package. You can install by issuing below command.

sudo dnf install gvfs-mtp

Command explanation:
sudo - To install package using normal user. If you are not logged in to root user you need to use sudo command.
dnf - It is the new package installer in Fedora 22. Previously it was YUM. Even YUM installer works now. DNF is the latest with more added feature.
gvfs-mtp - This package is used to recognize mobile file system.

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