Monday, November 18, 2013

High graphics games for Fedora 19

Games for Fedora 19 – One of the biggest drawback we face in Fedora 19 is games. We don't have sufficient good games in all Linux distros. However there are few games for Fedora 19 you can enjoy playing.

It is only shooting game for Fedora 19. It has good graphics and I'm sure you will enjoy playing this game.

0 A.D.
It is a Age of Empire like game for Fedora 19. Here you can develop army, construct buildings, war against enemy and plan your city. Multi-player option is available in this game.

Steam is online gaming platform which was available for Windows for years and launched for Linux in the year 2013. This is available for Fedora operating system too. Steam is really good gaming platform where you can play high graphical game but all you need is stable internet connection. Below is the article about installing Steam platform in Fedora 19 OS.

How to install Steam in Fedora 19

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