Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to create manual keyboard shortcut in Fedora 19

Keyboard shortcut Fedora – Every operating system has its own keyboard shortcut. It will fine if we have same shortcut for all operating system. In Fedora 19 you can manually assign keyboard shortcut as such you like. It can be done graphically. You no need to open your Terminal to assign new keyboard shortcut. Below is the tutorial to set new keyboard shortcut in Fedora.

Step 1: Open Settings
Settings can be launched by directly typing “Settings” in the search bar or just click on the user name on the top right of your desktop and select  “Settings”

Step 2:  Select Keyboard setting
Click on the Keyboard to open keyboard settings. There you will find “Shortcut” tab next to “General” tab. Here you will find the list of category where you can assign your own shortcut.

Step 3: Assigning shortcut to show desktop.
To assign shortcut to show desktop, click on 'Navigation ' and on the right side of the window choose 'Hide all normal windows'. Then enter the shortcut that is convenient to you.

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