Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Task Manager for Fedora

Task Manager Fedora: We are used to task manager in Windows operating system. It is very handy to kill unresponsive programs in our system. Likewise it will be good if we have one such tool in Fedora. Fortunately, Fedora has one tool by default. The name of the tool is System Monitor. It can be found in Applications shell. Let me explain how to use the System Monitor to kill or end an unresponsive application.

Steps for using System Monitor:
1. Open System Monitor from Applications.
2. It will open a three tabbed window that contains Processes, Resources, File System.
3. Don't bother about Resources and File System tab as our target is to kill unresponsive program.
4. Say if Google Chrome browser is the unresponsive program, then click on the chrome listed in processes and click on 'End Process' button that you find below.
5. Like this you can kill any program that are not responding.

You can also try using Htop.

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