Friday, May 2, 2014

Transfer files from Fedora to Windows Phone via Bluetooth

If you are using Windows Phone and computer is running Fedora operating system you can transfer files via Bluetooth. Transferring files through Bluetooth is simple instead of using USB connection. However to connect Windows Phone in computer running Fedora OS using USB, you need to install GVFS-MTP package. This is time consuming task. Let's see how to use transfer files via Bluetooth from Fedora to Windows Phone and Windows Phone to Fedora.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth in Windows Phone and Fedora.
Step 2: Start the Bluetooth service in PC. Open terminal and type the below command

service bluetooth start

Step 3: Connect to the PC through Windows Phone. Touch on the computer name in Bluetooth device list in your phone. It will generate a private key. Then a pop up appears in your PC, click on 'Allow'.

Step 4: You can open the Bluetooth settings and check the whether Windows Phone is connected or not.

Step 5: To transfer file, click on the Bluetooth icon and you can see 'Send Files' under Windows Phone (my phone name). Clicking on send files will open file explorer. Choose the files you want to send. You can select multiple files at a time.

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