Monday, March 2, 2015

Best video editing software for Fedora

Video Editing Tools for Fedora

There are not much video editing tools that are available for Fedora but sure there is decent tools to get your job done. Here are the tools that I installed in my PC running Fedora 19. Don't worry about the version, the tool that run in F19 will run in older and newer versions too. 

Video Editing Softwares

  • Pitvi
  • OpenShot
  • Cinderella
  • Kdeinlive


I won't say Pitvi is fully functional software but it has its own ups and down. I use this tool for my post production process. Using this tool I was able to cut precisely. I tried the same in other tools but it is not as good as Pitvi. Pitvi score high for post production processes. 

Pitivi has good number of options for preparing slide shows. It gives me flexibility to choose different time window for different slides. For example, If I wan't to show the slide 1 for 5 seconds and slide 2 for 45 seconds then it is doable in Pitvi and I didn't find this option in other video editing tools like OpenShot.


This is one of the actively developed software. It has got excellent number of feature but the downside is it prone to crashes. When I used it for first time I was very happy with this software but intermittently it got crashed. I am using Core i3 and 2 GB RAM, may it needs more that that.

However it is one of the best video editing tool available for OpenSource. 

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