Monday, March 9, 2015

LXDE clock showing wrong time in Fedora 19

Clock shows wrong time. It is showing one hour past time. In the settings I am not able to find option to change time. There is only option for changing the format. How to change the time?

To change time open terminal and enter the command system-config-date. This will open an new Window like the below screenshot.

The left screenshot is Terminal and right is the Window opened after providing the command. You can manually set the time by changing Hour, Minute and Second.

In the above screenshot you might have noticed that there is check box called "Synchronize date and time over the network". You can also use it if you have internet connection. Clicking on the check box shows NTP servers. You can choose any of the Fedora provided servers and in the Time Zone you need select the nearest possible location. You can either you the map or the list to choose the location.

Reason for Wrong Time:
You can use the command timedatectl to check what went wrong. In my case my time zone has been changed. I don't know how it happened but it gives some explanation about the wrong display of the time.

Many users reported that after some update the time gets reset to GMT. But it my case it is different. For me the time change happened during Day light Saving ends. In my country there is no concept called Day Light Saving.

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