Sunday, May 4, 2014

Torrent app for Fedora

Torrent Fedora: There are numerous Torrent client for Fedora. The apps that works in Ubuntu works in Fedora as well. I tried many torrent app but I prefer only two app among all. The reason for selecting this two app is its download speed is more than upload speed. Other torrent app keep on updloading instead of downloading. This two app can download files with just one or two seeds. Okay, let's see what is the name of that two apps.

1. Deluge
2. KGet

I will say this is the best of all. First I tried Transmission torrent client and faced numerous issue. So I searched for other clients for Linux. I found Deluge as my best torrent companion. It can works in any desktop environment like  GNOME, KDE, XFCE and others. It GNU licensed software and so it is available for free.

Installing Deluge:
Enter the below command to install Deluge torrent client.

yum install deluge

Enter this command in Terminal.

This is another torrent client which I like most. This client is available by default in KDE desktop. For other shells like GNOME, XFCE ect you need install manually.

Installing KGet:

yum install kget

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