Friday, June 13, 2014

Anti-virus software for Fedora

I was searching for a virus protection tool for a long time. Whenever I ask for Anti-virus tool in forum, people give lame answers like Linux won't get affected by virus. I was not happy without running an anti-virus program in my Fedora OS. I came to know about an anti-virus software ClamAV. This virus scanner software is available in Fedora repository. To download it use following command in Terminal as Root user.

yum install clamav* -y

By doing so it will install dependencies - clamav, clamav-filesystem, clamav-lib, clamav-update and clamav-data. The above package installs the back ends. If you didn't get the shortcut icon for clamav then you should manually install clamtk package for interface. To install it open Terminal and enter following command.

yum install clamtk -y

Anti-virus update configuration
You should regularly update virus definition to keep you system protected from unwanted threats. To allow this software to install update you need to edit freshclan.conf flie. Login as root user an

gedit /etc/freshclam.conf

Make following changes in configuration file. Insert a space between # and the text like given below.

# comment to remove the line below
# example

Now press save button, which you will find in menu bar. Close the word document.

To check for updates follow below steps. Enter below commands


Go to Help meun and click on Check for Updates. It will update virus definitions.

This virus application will also check virus in e-mail.

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