Sunday, June 8, 2014

Subtitle player which plays subtitle alone for Fedora

I suddenly got fond of American TV series. I was not able to understand it without subtitle. First I searched for online TV series with subtitle, no luck in finding it. Then I searched for online video player which can embed subtitle, it went failure. After slogging in internet for several hours I found that online videos can be streamed in VLC but it came up with new error. I searched for subtitle player for Fedora, I end up with an software Greenfish subtitle player.

Greenfish Subtitle Player - Not Working in Wine too

I tried Greenfish subtitle player and it is the player I was searching for. But fate played in my life, I was not able to install in Fedora even using Wine. I believed that Greenfish player can be installed using Wine. But it is not launching.

VLC online video streaming - Not working, shows some error

Many websites suggested to copy-paste the online video URL to VLC network streaming. But it came with error 'VLC is unable to open MRL'. There is no exact solution to work around this problem. They suggest me to unblock in firewall. But I have no idea about firewall in Fedora. So I just move on.

Partial Solution - Gaupol subtitle player for Fedora

I found this package is used to read, write and manipulate subtitle. Using this subtitle you can view the text in subtitle file. To be hones I am not impressed with this solution but it is the only solution. To install use following command.

yum install gaupol -y

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