Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Live cricket score notification Fedora

Cricket app for Fedora: It is good news for cricket fans using Fedora OS. Now you can get cricket notification right in your desktop. I will say this app is not up to our expectation but happy to see one such app. Usually getting app for Fedora is not a easy thing. This cricket app encourages to use Fedora OS a lot.

Install Cricket app:

This app can be downloaded from below link.

Cricket app download link -

The name of this app is GillyCricket. You will find a file named as Download the file. To install the file run the below command in Terminal.

sh /Downloads/

To run the app in graphical interface use the following command. 

Gilly &

Unistall the app:

To uninstall the app give the following command in terminal.


For more detail visit official page.

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